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Cultivating thriving work environments for individual, team, and organizational success.

Are you ready to gain the confidence and clarity to cultivate a thriving environment for yourself and others?


From individual success to organizational excellence, I understand that clients have different goals and unique development needs. Through my experience of living and leading with a creative lens, leveraging diversity, and cultural awareness, I provide you with practical systems and easy-to-use tools designed to cultivate your confidence and effectively work across cultures.


For success and to create impact, you must have alignment between what you want, the actions to get you there, and the support system for you to cultivate results.


Get crystal clear on desired outcomes or reaffirm your goals and what you want in those areas.


Explore how to best leverage natural strength and talents. Align them with thoughtful actions to quickly gain momentum toward achieving your desired outcomes.


Establish a timeline of desired outcomes, create strategic objectives with SMART goals, and develop other areas of growth opportunity.


Execute objectives and put into action newly developed skills and knowledge.

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Gain self-awareness, boost your confidence, and improve your leadership effectiveness. Optimize performance at work and in your personal life.


What are people saying? - “Working with Komita, I have gained momentum while maintaining balance in accomplishing my goals for my business brand and my personal life. The best part about working with Komita is her honesty, weekly encouragement, and check-ins that hold me accountable. After working with her, I would say that every business owner needs to invest in a business or executive coach." Jazmine W., CEO


Get support for developing leadership strategies that align with organizational goals. Enable yourself or those you lead to close knowledge and skills gaps to improve performance personally and professionally.

What are people saying? - “Komita helped enhance my mind to think of solutions to the problems on my own. She then guided me into making commitments to fulfill certain tasks discussed. It was one of the most impactful leadership training I have ever had.”

Sharon A., Finance & Admin. Manager

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Office Meeting


Create and effectively execute employee engagement strategies, positive organizational change management, and growth, and support a diverse and changing workforce.

What are people saying? - Komita provided invaluable counsel and insight to the senior management team and executives. One of her specialties was the early detection of problems and coaching senior managers and C-suite personnel toward "win-win" solutions. Additionally, her calmness in emergencies was unparalleled. It was an honor to work with her." Carlton B., Director 

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Nicole M.,
Lab Tech Administrator

Working with Komita was such an honor. She really knew how to push me to dig deeper and a want to do better. Her commitment to my improvement inspired me to want more for myself. Our sessions were really therapeutic to me; it was a time to talk through my week, and my experiences which was much needed for me. I am now more confident as a leader, not because I know it all, but because she has shown me the beauty in the growth process.

Angela Ross picture.jpg

Angela R.,
Program Manager

I am blessed to have worked with Coach Komita because she has such a calm demeanor and is a great listener. She takes time to allow you to get your thoughts out even when you feel like you’re not expressing yourself well; she understands. The feedback that is given is awesome when she summarizes what you have spoken.  I think it’s truly a gift how she gives input and allows you to make your own choice with goals that work for you. I found Coach Komita to be extremely encouraging throughout our sessions together. She truly gave me a new perspective on my thought processes. I learned I don’t have to do everything at once but one step at a time.

Melanie C_edited.jpg

Melanie C.,
Program Manager

Komita has been a wonderful coach. She really has a way of helping people(me) get to the root of what needs to be shifted to get productive. Her methods are kind and gentle enough so you can receive information on what needs work, but also firm enough to feel confident and motivated. I often look for many ways to improve balance in my life and it can get overwhelming to the point that I just pause. Komita has helped me to see where I get stuck and how to move through it to stay productive and reach my goals. My time working with her has been very helpful and encouraging. I’ve been more focused and driven to achieve than I’ve been in quite some time. I’m looking forward to working with her again soon.

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