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Cultivating results that let you live and lead with impact, influence, and drive. 


I'm a Speaker, Facilitator, and ICF Accreditated Coach. I help leaders gain the confidence and clarity to cultivate thriving environments for themselves and others. My time partnering with senior leaders and direct experience in leadership positions confirmed two things: 1) effective leadership is paramount to organizational success and 2) leaders aspire to confidently relate and work across cultures. As a result, I combine my experience transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments of learning, engagement, and opportunity with expertise in diversity, creativity, and cultural competence to provide you with practical systems and easy-to-use tools that instantly cultivate your confidence and boost your effectiveness. Attendees say, “No matter where you are in your journey, Komita will nudge you further." Carita C., Nurse Practitioner 

Fun Fact


I'm an artist, who enjoys both the performing and visual arts. I have a keen interest in the cultural significance of food, fashion, and leadership and in improving organizational systems to drive change. 

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Carita C., Nurse Practitioner

Workshop Participant

"Komita has an inviting approach that helps to encourage and cultivate a safe space to discuss uncomfortable but necessary topics. She engages the participants but doesn’t force interaction or participation. It’s really hard not to participate once she gets you comfortable."

EVOKE: An Innovative Mindset That Drives Team Performance

Become more effective at driving team performance with an easy 5 step method to innovate, strategize, and execute. Learn my EVOKE method that can be used to help increase leadership effectiveness, inspire a diverse team into action, cultivate creativity, and deliver meaningful experiences for self and others. 

Mastermind Meaningful Experiences for Maximum Impact

Master the art of designing and delivering meaningful experiences for better leadership, workplaces, and individual success. Learn how to address the needs, wants, and expectations of diverse groups of people in any environment. Be able to connect, inspire, and lead from all levels of an organization.

Cultivate Your Confidence: Become a More Dynamic Version of Yourself

For transformational wins at work and in life. Develop a relationship with creativity to cultivate your confidence. Learn how to use creativity to generate innovative and effective solutions to optimize impact personally and professionally.  

Leadership Booster 101

Boost your confidence and effectiveness to shape thriving environments where everyone feels inspired, valued, and included. Learn how to relate and work across cultures by incorporating creativity and culturally intelligent strategies into your leadership style.  Incorporate these strategies to become a more innovative, inclusive, and culturally intelligent leader. 

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