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Komita C. Liggans is an internationally certified coach, speaker, and CEO of KOCALI Coaching & Development. Her coaching practice was founded on her enjoyment of empowering people to be the best version of themselves and knowing people are at the center of every successful organization. Komita provides on-demand coaching, professional development training, and keynotes to organizational leaders who want to elevate their effectiveness in cultivating thriving environments. Environments where everyone feels included, significant, and inspired to show up every day and do the work to meet the bottom line. She combines modern leadership approaches with her experience transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments by leveraging diversity, creativity, and culturally intelligent strategies. 


Her ongoing work as an Organizational Development Consultant as well as time spent partnering with senior leaders, building high-performing teams, and initiating employee engagement programs, gives her a deep understanding that effective leadership is paramount to overall organizational success. She also gained an understanding that business leaders aspire to relate confidently and work across cultures and find this equaling as important in order to be an effective leader in today's work environments. Komita helps close this gap. 

Her dedication to bridging this gap earned her recognition for outstanding leadership and innovation of organizational-wide quality improvement, productivity, and employee engagement and well-being programming. She leaned on her experiences of transforming ordinary training and workshops into stimulating and thought-provoking spaces of learning, stakeholder engagement events that foster positive dialogue, and relationship-building to memorable special life events. For each transformation, Komita was driven by the process of taking bold ideas and transforming them into innovative results for lasting impressions for ALL.  Each time learning a new way of galvanizing a diverse team, leveraging creativity, and instituting inclusivity into her transformed spaces.


With the accumulation of these experiences, Komita’s coaching, professional development training, and keynotes bring instant value to leaders who want to elevate their effectiveness in cultivating thriving environments that infuse inclusion, significance, and inspiration. An environment where people want to show up every day and do the work to meet the bottom line.


Komita’s Education:                                                                                                                

Masters in Organizational Leadership - Human Resource Management 


Komita’s Coaching Designations:                                                                                         

Executive Coach

Organizational Development Coach

Personal Development Coach

Emotional Intelligence Coach 

Creativity Coach

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